People's Movement for Change

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                                                                    Privatisation  of  State/People owned  Assets


This  States initial small but highly successful Industrial base was built up on the Co-Operative concept, unfortunately most of which has now been given away for a pittance, as with Erin Food Products, given away to Heinz International for a song. Another example been The Irish Sugar Co, where as part of a cracked lavish compensation deal with Farmer suppliers, the sugar factories in Kilkenny and Cork were demolished. 

Regarding our former State and Semi State Companies, need we mention Eircom, Aer Lingus and  E.S.B. Now the incompetent political agents of a totally discredited system, who purport to be the peoples delegated representative‚Äôs, in their haste to obey the dictates of European Union demagogues.  Have now set out a course to privatise, read give away all our remaining public owned assets. Commencing with elements that remain of our Gold star State Companies, such as the 25% state/public holding in Aer Lingus

Before doing so they ring fence the ill gotten gains of un-scruples speculator bond holders and their own super wealthy status. These actions are set to be the final betrayal, having previously parcelled out our inshore and sea fisheries and assets of gas, oil, gold and other natural occurring minerals.

Their planned treacherous  give away to vulture foreign private interests of our Airports, Coilte State/People owned Forests and  Deep Sea Shipping and Ferry Ports , through which the life blood commerce of our country is channelled , has to be signalled as high treason by the Irish people.


Whereas Norway and other Scandinavian States, such as little Iceland, in all instance retain majority 75% public control, of their State Companies Assets. In Irelands case they are been broken up and  given away piece meal as quite recently with the 100% State read People owned former Quinn Direct Insurance Co.

A  people's administration would have asserted State ownership of Quinn Direct, as there is a need and space for a profitable State Insurance Company, this could have been done in a sensible and practical manner, while leaving the Quinn management in situ under strict observation and regulation and to be given the incentive to purchase back up to 25% of the company over a set period.

By selling off for a pilfering sum, amounting to give away of our hugely valuable State assets. We are placing ourselves and future generations at the un caring mercy of native two card trick conmen and un-scruples international speculators.


Enormously highly salaried agents of the present political system have put forward no structured growth plan to kick start the Irish economy.

Faced with a massive long term debt burden, there is no strategic thinking at so called leadership level, in our basket case republic. All eggs are in the basket of a highly subsidised, purely wealth accumulation driven private sector.

Any neutral  observer of the scene would no doubt say that, from their observation, that the agent enforcers of the system, do not want the people, to own anything, except their badly constructed houses, upon which we are now commanded to pay, penal property charges and future massive water meter taxes.

This while the discredited  politicians  pour millions of our tax payments in to dubious agencies, to supposedly save the people of Africa, Asia and elsewhere, while many of our own people in desperation are dying, by their own hand, at a rate that sometimes reaches 15 to 20 per week

                                                                                                     Un- Equal Society  

This same generally incompetent political clique have kept Ireland on a course to follow the U.S system of outright un fettered capitalism, which gives rise to the most un-equal society in the world, worse even than India, where the remnants of a caste system prevails. Think of it this way, Bill Gates , the top cat trillionare and his next highest in the super wealthy pecking order in the supposed good old U.S.A. Just the two of them , their wealth amounts to 40% of the entire U.S. economy. That figure equates to the total combined wealth of 120 million of the remaining U.S population, so it is hardly surprising then that there are more people living on the streets of major U.S cities than even Mumbai  or Delhi . Nor is it indeed surprising that murder, mayhem and drug abuse are prevalent throughout the areas of major disadvantage.

Another fact of information about the U.S.A, which was once termed the land of the free, the U.S now have 12 % of the worlds prison population , in total three and a half million, a huge increase from 1973, when the figure was three hundred thousand.

Yet our so called political and business elite persist with corralling the Irish people further down this outright monopoly capitalist system  cul de sac. Covertly ignoring  the proven Nordic system which guarantees to absolutely maintain a minium of 75% state control of all their natural recourses and essential state enterprises, such as Statoil the Norwegian 75% State/People owned exploration Company. This allows for the extrodinary position, wherby the Norweigen people through their majority ownership of Statoil, own and earn dividents from our working gas deposits, off Kinsale, Co Cork and the Co Mayo coast,  while we Irish the original owners, because of  connivance of our traitor politicans, now own nothing.

Not even the  wind, that whistles past the graveyard, of our people's aspirations as their rights are  being parcled out to private vulture speculators, supposedly for energy saving wind generation, which however will contribute little to offset high priced consumer  energy needs, but  will earn the welgthy land owners and  vulture foreign investors, a kings ransom in European Union grant funding, which is the primary reason for their involvement.


Whereas a dozen wave generators concealed under the lapping waters on our western atlantic sea-board would over the course  of one stormy day, generate treable the amount, of twenty such wind farms over a six month period.

 Furthermore a science driven State investment development in Bio Energy production, would within a five year period, more than half our imports of extremely high priced crude oil, and assist to meet our automobile , transport and agricultural requirnments.


Another important area of development potential, akin to the co-operative concept, been purposfully overlooked is Social Enterprise where 100% of profits are invested back in to community driven enterprise. An example here been the U.K, where 30 billon worth of companies are owned and run by the employees, preference of course been for full community ownership, rather than sectional. Germany also has widespread Social Enterprise community owned enterprises, employing thousands and contributing  substantially to sustained growth in their economy and confidence driven harmony within their communities.

Social Enterprise projects  are now amongst the main drivers,  been utilised in Spain, Greece and Portugal's economic recovery from recession. Yet we have not heard a single word from any Government Minister or Agency, nor from any of the  elected  M.E.P, ( outgoing Irish members of European Parliament), despite the fact, that their are substantial  grants and assistance available in this area of Social Enterprise,  Community projects.


Infamous quote from Euro Union P.R. Dept, when western world economic collapse first occurred in 2008 . response being,  We must take no action which will adversely affect the Markets!