People's Movement for Change

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                                                                                     People's  Conventions


 People's Conventions,  will become the power base for the delivery of all good decision making that governs our country and affects the happiness harmony and prosperity of our people.

The Peoples Convention's to operate from local level up wards and be responsible back to that base through democratic rotational delegation

Ideas put forward for discussion at Local Convention, having  gone through the process of proposal and endorsement by resolution, will  go forward  to the appropriate Regional  Convention,  where if passed after further discussion on the floor of Convention, motions will advance forward to the People's National Convention, for final discussion and approval or referral.



                                                                          National Steering Committee (N.S.C)


The National Steering Committee = ''N.S.C'', is the organising arm of a new, non political  People's Movement in Ireland. This growing demand for profound change has come about with regard to how the political, legal and financial system operate and in whose interests governing decisions are made and implemented in our small Republic.

The N.S.C. is tasked with organising and bonding together, our stressed and dispirited people who see things exactly as we do, in to an evolving, disciplined, People's Movement, within a truly democratic structure so as to bring about their own emancipation, through a process of ''people self empowerment''.

The N.S.C,  which can number up to one hundred members, can co-opt suitable candidates, as they become available from amongst our incoming membership.

The other great task ahead for the N.S.C. is to establish People's Conventions at Local, Regional level and the calling of the 'People's National Convention' which in essence,  will be a Citizens National Parliament. ''in waiting.


                                                                             Participatory    Democracy


Maximum participation and the continues rotation of positions, within an inclusive active democracy , will be the key to the prevention of future  dynastic successions arising, based widely on the practise of nepotism.

The practise and now established tradition of continuity of positions of influence, generally leading to personal gain within the corruption friendly political system, is by its very nature  reactionary and has proven to be disastrous for the survival of any semblance of a true democratic process,  within the existing failed system.

Empowering the People  -  Only the people themselves can do this, by bonding together with like minded activist people, becoming organised and remaining directly involved in the process of participatory  democracy, as proposed in this template for change.




                                                         The People's Movement  Can be the Game changer

The People's Movement for Change = P.M.F.C,  and the launch of People's Conventions = P.C., can be a game changer for ordinary everyday citizens. This can be so whatever your background, but particularly  for the stressed, isolated and marginalised within our society. 

An inclusive  People's Movement will assist to ease the distress, isolation and marginalisation of our people. This will  be accomplished by linking people together, within the neighbourhood "Clan" structure of P.M.F.C and the great gathering together at People's Conventions.

Why use the term" Local Clan" this been  to signify  the most local structure of the Peoples Movement for Change = P.M.F.C.   Because we do not wish to, in any manner to be identified or mistaken with any element of the present  failed corruption friendly, political party system.

The  " Local Clan" will prove to be the key element of the P.M.F.C.   This been where people will enrol as members, combine together, while making new friendships, to organise the Peoples Movement,  at local level and thereby begin the process of " People Self Empowerment.

Ask yourself  - ?,   What  you as an honourable thinking person can do to ease the distress of our people and assist to bring an end to the incompetence, corruption and nepotism  within the political, legal and financial systems, leading  to serious mismanagement of  our country.

 By you becoming a member of the P.M.F.C,  you join in a common cause with the great majority of our people, who think and see things as clearly as we do and you will assist to instil in them a great  determination to bring about positive and peaceful change to Irish society.


Un - organised and dispirited, we the people count for nothing and are treated as imbeciles by many of the political opportunists, who purport to be the people’s delegates?

Organised and united under a common bond of brother and sisterhood. The awakened people  become an un - chained giant!


The wealthy and often corrupt who control our lives and treat our families' and communities as dirt on their boots, only  appear strong and powerful, because we appear weak.

We the people only appear weak, because we are on our knees.

When we become organised in a Peoples Movement, we then appear strong, as we become an irresistible wave against the forces of reaction.

Join the Peoples Movement to day and help us to get our message out that for the first time in our troubled history, peaceful change is both  practical and possible . Our target is one million members within two years of our launch, then change becomes inevitable. The P.M.F.C will be launched officially, at our first Peoples Convention, which will be be called when we have 50 plus Local Clan branches in a given geographical area.


We have need of our people of all age groups to assist us to project that message and to get discussion going on Facebook, twitter etc, as to the practicalities of the P.M.F.C  concept. If you have any good ideas, on how we may speed the process towards positive change, then get involved anyhow and tell us about  any positive ideas you may have in mind.

Arising from the calling of Peoples Conventions, spiraling  murders, suicide, road and home fire deaths, all in one way or another tied in to social disadvantage and various forms of substance abuse and all of which are a direct result of the accesses, abuses, inefficiencies and waste inherent within the present corruption friendly,  failed system and which will be addressed  and eliminated relatively quickly, through a peoples self empowerment process, as Ireland is a country rich in all essential natural resources.

A re structured greatly increased peoples Gardaí service, composed of 90%  reserve citizen units, would be quickly applied pro active in crime prevention, under a new peoples democratic order.