People's Movement for Change

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Quote by Padraig Pearse - "Ireland without her People, means nothing to me!"



                                                                        Full  /  Associate  Membership   Application 




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 There is a a very low membership fee, of €5 and €2.50 per annum, which will be taken up at local level


 Please complete above membership application on site or forward your details by email to  [email protected]

      Off line enquiries Re – Membership etc, please contact  - T.J. Fay - Author of concept / National - International Organiser 

                                                          Dave Butler  Chair  National Steering Committee

Associate Membership is available to those  who agree with the aims and objectives of the Peoples Movement, but who at this time, do not wish to become more fully involved.

Associate Membership is same as full, apart from less involvement in the " Local Clann"  structure of P.M.F.C and is equal in all other instance  and may be upgraded to full membership, at any time the associate member sees fit to do so.

As we do not as yet have a National Headquarters or Regional and Local Offices, P.M.F.C. will greatly appreciate any offers of assistance in this important organisational aspect of this Peoples Movement for Change.

Every member upon joining, is considered to be an organiser,in their own right on behalf of the People's Movement. From here forth the call goes out to organise in a Brother and Sisterhood for the Common Good.

 What we must do is to get our call to organise out loud and clear, to the overwhelming majority of the Irish People at home in Ireland and among the great Irish Diaspro and friends of the Irish Nation worldwide ,who see things exactly as we do.  This can bring about a new and better Ireland, where honesty, ability and a fairness of mind are seen as the minimum requirement's of leadership in any  spear of activity.