People's Movement for Change

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                                                                                                     Irish  Diaspora


People's Conventions can quickly prove to be the ideal format for the direct involvement of our great Irish Diaspora world wide. This will particularly relate to our recently exiled and much cherished youth who can eagerly engage with its concept.

These precious youth the flowers of their generation so particularly missed by their families and those of us who defiantly represent the true spirit of the great Irish Nation.

People's Movement for Change now proclaim to the daughters and sons of this great Irish Nation worldwide, A Cead Mile Failte leat! Come join with us under the banner of The People's Movement for Change, in gathered People's Convention. This format facilitates the process by which the people themselves take command of democratic change. As we are about to commence our long or short march to establish for evermore! The Sovereignty of the Irish People over this their ancient land of Eireann.


Branches of People's Movement for Change, to be known as "Local Clan" can be formed wherever three or more like minded members of our Irish Diaspora, and friends of Ireland congregate. Likewise People's Conventions can be held, wherever is your resident City, District or Provence.  Be that New York, , San Francisco, Quebec, Perth, Sydney, Auckland, Singapore, Paris, Munich, Brussels, Leeds, Birmingham, Glasgow or London.


                                                  Register your membership of People's Movement for Change on line now.          


Please bear in mind, of the necessity for funding if this People's Movement for Change is to be the key to our People's liberation from outrageous incompetence, deception and corruption on an unprecedented scale.Target membership within two years from launch of the People's Movement  is one million members worldwide, by then positive change becomes inevitable.

Let us herald the dawn of a new era for Ireland and her people who make up the Irish Nation, both at home and those of you worldwide who compose the great Irish Diaspora.

Through  web cam social media advances, we confidently look forward to your linking in to the Peoples Conventions, from your various worldwide destinations.

Please go to Members page and complete registration, or send copy by email to   -     [email protected]


                          Sl├ín go foll       T.J.Fay   National / International Organiser.