People's Movement for Change

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                                                                            Violent Death an Every Day Occurrence


Ireland is an island of ongoing violent death, with the grief and heartache that goes with this, and which the corrupt political and incomprehensible legal system has and will continually fail to address in any meaningful manner. Corruption, incompetence and selfish greed within the political, legal and financial systems, have a direct bearing on the tsunami of suicide, gang and domestic murders, home house fires, continuing road fatalities, home and business robberies, more often with violent assault, and other distress and mayhem on the streets and in the homes and other social outlets of our country. There has also been an alarming increase in the number of mostly young Irish people involved in fatal attacks and accidents, around the world, since i first wrote the above item, back in the autumn of 2012. Local Clan branches of the P.M.F.C and  ''Peoples Conventions'' can in the near future play an an active role in leading to sensible precautions, so as to avoid such tragedies, to family's, friends and communities, both back home in Ireland and abroad.

All of which would have been described in another era as an abomination to God and a condemnation of man.

The implication of well healed politicians  and their hugely salaried advisers levying new penal property and water charges on families already struggling to meet outrageously high utility bills, they are plain and simple, playing with peoples lives and un headedly  accelerating the suicides,

 home fire disasters, murder and mayhem already within our communities.

Only an organised People's Movement can bring about the changes necessary in Irish society  to end this holocaust of death and misery been visited upon our people.

We must bring to bear new thinking, from outside the box, to ease the turmoil in our country and bring an end to this distress of our people.

Come join with us, so that we may lead a crusade of life and create a future full of fulfilment and happiness  for our people.

                                                                                                                                                                                                 Sinn a bhfuail a dhaoine              



                                                                             Gardai /Policing Legal System 


There is no real preventive policing policy towards any level of criminality, serious or less so, within the operation of An Gardai Siochain.  Exception to this been where action is aimed at radical political groups. Question as to why this is so, there is a simple and from a seriously comprised legal system practical answer.

The answer is that there is absolutely no financial gain to the legal system arising from the success of preventive policing measures taken against the bosses and agents of organised and wanton crime.

That is the sweet answer folks.

The simple fact is that the Gardai Siochain is an overly costly, inefficient policing service, not fit for purpose as presently constituted and while not particularly related to the performance of individual members of the Gardai, rather the system again been the failure.

As the original author of the Reserve Gardai concept, It took years before there was any degree of take up on my ideas for a community based, essentialy part time Gardai force.

 The development and wide expansion of the Gardai Reserve is just part of the solution to the murder and mayhem on the streets, in the homes and social outlets of our cities, towns and countryside. The other areas that have first to be addressed are, social disadvantage, economic fairness and substance abuse all of which are prevalent to one degree or another within the majority of our population at this time.



                                                                 Courts dispense flawed Law - Not Justice


The present political system and completely over the top, clumsy self enriching legal system, which are a relic of our former imperialist occupier past. The system having been imposed, without consultation by that departing power, through the imposition of coercion and fostering of disunity on a cowed and bewildered people following an heroic struggle for complete independence.

This imperialist relic has little relevance to what the vast majority of the Irish people aspire to, that been a justice and policing system based purely on trans parent fairness and real justice , that meets the requirements of, what is in name only, a modern sovereign democratic republic.