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So you've realised that the political system is corruption friendly and can not be corrected, from within or from direct involvement with that system.

You are fed up with expensive, bloated bureaucracies that are unaccountable, give virtually no representation and concentrate power into the hands of an extremely wealthy unscrupulous elite.

Well, you've just found the effective solution.

P.M.F.C -  is NOT

      Yet another fringe political party

      An agenda or manifesto 

  1. A new ideology


It is simply a template for allowing we-the-people to direct our own lives; to reclaim the control and autonomy that we desperately need for survival, health, happiness and prosperity. It is a strategic template plan, through which we  can peacefully and permanently free ourselves from the corrupt establishment, opportunist vulture investors and the parasitic, international bankers.


 P.M.F.C  is all about restoring power to we the People, where it truly belongs.


      We believe that, the people

  •   1  Know best what they really need

      2  Understand how to manage their own local resources

      3  Have the most appropriate ideas, solutions

      4  Should be in control and responsible for their own destinies


Expense seeking, politican's, consultants: “experts” and “technocrats” clearly don't know what is best for us or our nation. We just need a system that decentralises power and resources, which encourages participation through genuinely participatory democracy. A forum thorough which we the ordinary people are empowered to express our creativity and exercise self direction.


How P.M.F.C - Template plan, for ''People Self Empowerment'' will work in practise.

Be Aware! This is radically different from the sham “democracy” that has been imposed on us, and so takes a little effort to understand. However it is actually quite simple. as It turns the pyramid of power upside down, putting the common people on top and in charge. It ensures that all public officials are scrutinised and responsible to our direction.


We have become accustomed to own our non participation, being limited only to signing away our consent, on a ballot sheet. Then watching from a distance as “those elected representatives” misuse that power, by feathering their own nest first and foremost, while doing the bidding of banking and other corporate interests. Then we complain quietly, await the next sham election and repeat it all over again.

The emergence of P.M.F.C , through the forming of ''Local Clan branches, to be followed by the gathering of hundreds, of delegates, members, and invited guest speakers, from across the spectrum of organised society at our on going ''Peoples Conventions'' will quickly re - balance power in favour of the organised ''Risen People''.

A Non political, Peoples Movement can progressively replace the corruption friendly political party system, by bending the agents ie T.D s and Councillors ect, to the peoples combined will power, through the format and glorious reality that will be ''People Self Empowerment.  


Genuine participation and responsibility may take a little time to become accustomed to. But we-the-people take care of our families, run our businesses, farms, sports clubs and community assoourciations.  We are clearly more conscientious, experienced and competent than most of those that we elect to public office! We must learn to communicate, trust and cooperate with one-another; always keeping in mind that ALL decent people want the same thing: to live and thrive in a healthy, just society.


  There follows a description of P.M.F.C proposed alternative structure. It is based on common sense and ancient Irish Clan tradition, which up held the ''Common Good'' concept.  This is still a work in progress and may require  adaptation in the future, but the design criteria are set and must always remain the foundation.


  1. Decentralised control that will place power of decision making and resources (including revenue) under the guardianship of local people.
  2. Preventing corruption and its more regressive forms of nepotism and cronyism arising, by making all public posotions, strictly rotational and of set short term duration, exemplified by we-the-people specifically directing and replacing on an ongoing basis, delegates that we send to represent us at Conventions and those delegated to represent us, on a strictly rotational basis at other decision making arenas.


3     Permanently limiting and restricting the powers of administrative government so that it can never again come to represent only the wealthy powerful elite of our society, while neglecting and ignoring the welfare and happiness of the great majority of our population


4     Separation of the powers of decision making from those entrusted with implementing and administration those powers

       Under the template for change been advocated by Peoples Movement for Change

5     Future Peoples Conventions operating from Local level upwards will make decisions which can form the basis for good governing of our country. As the Peoples non political Movement, grows in strength, we will request / demand,

at our Conventions, that elected politicians, act on these recommendations.

Failure to do so on their part, will result in a bums rush for them, out the door, at a following election, as we commence to exercise our coordinated unified massive voting power. and future would be politicians, pledge their loyalty to carry out the ''Peoples Demands' 'as expressed at our ''Peoples Conventions''

 My people I feel sure that you will all see clearly now that in point of fact, we always had the power to oblige the pampered political agents of all shades, within the corrupt political system to act in the interests of the ''Common Good' concept ' but we have up to now, failed to organise cohesively, within a ''Peoples non political Movement, so as to exercise this power. Although not provided for within the workings of the corrupt political system, the Peoples right to assert the ''Commen Good'' concept  is provided for both in our present Republic of Ireland Constitution and our glorious 1916 Proclamation. Which both acknowledge the ''People as the Sovereign '' power of our State.


  • Who are  P.M.F.C.

P.M.F.C.  Is a People's Organisation, formed in August 2012, with no interest or links whatsoever to any element of the present corrupt political party system.


  • What is the purpose of P.M.F.C.

This Is to give expression to the greatest number of people seeking change in how we function as a society  and to provide a template to facilitate achievement of such far reaching positive change. 

  •  What is the core objective of P.M.F.C.. 

The aim and task we set ourselves, within P.M.F.C is to channel the frustration and anger of our people, in to a disciplined , focused Peoples Movement , which will deliver our people from the depts. of despair and hopelessness, before that becomes impossible. 

  •  What is the concept of P.M.F.C.

This been the formulation of a completely new democratic system of future government, by which the people themselves, on an ongoing basis in gathered Convention will make all decisions that effects their lives and may in time render the present failed system obsolete.


  • Why the P.M.F.C.

Because the present system is a mechanism for the continuous enrichment of the few, at the expense of the many.


  • Where is P.M.F.C. to be based.

Where ever three to twenty plus people come together, so as to form a Local Clan branch, of the Peoples Movement, thereby rejecting the feeling of helplessness and  embracing the possibility for meaningful change, through a process of People self empowerment.

  Why the term ?  -  Local Clan structure   -  go to Peoples Conventions on next page and look under, The Peoples Movement can be the Game Changer.

  • How will P.M.F.C.
  • Allow for people to express their viewpoint and articulate their ideas.

Through their Local Clan branch and the format and structure of People's Conventions.  To continue reading this item, go to People's Conventions on following page


  • When will P.M.F.C. begin to make a difference?

 This will begin to happen as people come together, to form Local Clan branches  and People's Conventions are called at Local, Regional and National Level.

                                                              To continue reading go to Peoples Conventions, on next age. 



                                                                                      The Common  Good

The well being and inclusivity of the ''Common Good'' concept, as in our ancient Gaelic Clan tradition, shall be the guiding principle of the Peoples Movement, not the further accumulation of vast wealth and privilege by the individual, private company or corporation.  This to be paramount while still encouraging small private start ups, to run comfortably alongside co-operatives / social enterprise projects.

The latter involving greater numbers of Local People combining together, their talents, know how ability, genius of thought and in some instances, small personal capital investment, in a worthwhile start up business enterprise.

These to avail of E.U. training and grant aid funding.  Massive profit not to be the objective behind such projects, but rather family and community sustainability and the time and space, for the pursuit of happiness, by the individual within the family / community group setting.




                                    Co-ops / Social Enterprise  plus an adaptation of elements from the Nordic model          


This is the way forward for a reenergised, refocused small Republic, with all the endowments of intelligent, educated, hard working population living on an island with favourable soil, climate and rivers, lakes and ocean teaming with fish and vast tapped and yet un tapped deposits of gas, oil and other natural occurring mineral resources.

With dirt tax and marginal interest rates on peoples savings,  people orientated investment's in co-ops and social enterprise projects, are going to make a lot of common sense, along  with the main objective to provide local based employment, which will help greatly to keep our youth of the emigrant plane

Social enterprise projects produce goods and provide services and employment in a supportive environment  and they constitute an alternative model, to the conventional strictly private sector, which makes business attractive to a wider range of people.

                                            To continue reading  this item go to "More" and see Privatisation of State Assets.

   Within the corruption friendly failed multi party political system,  combined membership of all political less than 1% of the populace. P.M.F.C objective is for one million members, within two years, of our official launch, which will take place, at our first ''Peoples Convention'' 

                                             To continue reading  this item go to "More" and see Privatisation of State Assets       


                                                                            Building  a  People's   Movement


Let us organise with our people, out of love for our people, let us build a Movement without a hierarchy of leadership, including the most economically distressed of our people.  A Movement that will be responsive to the immediate survival needs of our people, while raising the political consciousness and knowledge base of us all.

Let us study together and build together and learn from each other. Let us come together and define our cause, taking knowledge and inspiration from the advanced shared Clan system of our Gaelic ancestors.

                          Then let that circle be un - broken.


Imagining a vision of the future we wish to create.

We must have a vision of the future we wish to bring about, though we must also be realistic in how we are to achieve that objective.

To steer progress in the right direction, we need clear objectives and accurate feedback. History needs to be made relevant and re - told without the omissions and flagrant lies of the present and recent past. Only then can it help us avoid repeating the same mistakes of the past..

So join with us in People's Movement for Change and make new lifelong friendships , with those as you, who seek to create a society , where fairness and real justice prevail and honesty, ability and knowledge are the  accepted requirements of leadership.

N.B   Picture @ top of page is from Iceland, in recognition of those brave people, who refused to be intimidated and put down by the Bankster's and where corrupt politicians have ended up in jail

We will be pleased to replace it with one from our very first Peoples Convention, when our own people, showing some determination and backbone  assemble in a great gathering  to advance necessary change in Irish society.   Roll on that day!,